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In memory of   Erich Wolfgang Vogt


12 November 1929 - 19 February 2014


Erich Vogt was an inspired administrator, an inspiring teacher, a respected colleague, a beloved [grand]father and a good friend to more people than most of us meet in our lifetimes. This wiki is intended as a repository for individuals' memories of Erich, a place where those who knew him can tell their stories and where others can eventually mine those stories for a deeper understanding of the man. For the time being, this wiki will be displayed only to registered contributors; when it is deemed ready (subject to the approval of Erich's family) it will be opened up for public viewing.

Please register yourself to enter your story in the Personal Stories about Erich section -- then just sign in, go to that section and click on the Edit tab to insert a new link with your name in its title; that will automatically create your own page, which you can then edit. If any of this is unfamiliar, have a look at "What's a wiki?". And there is always the "Help" link in the left column. -- Jess 15:41, 21 February 2014 (PST)


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Personal Stories about Erich

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